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The Ermine
The Ermine
When Winter didst thee kiss,
By thy tail did he grasp —
Not wishing to betray
Wide Gaea’s afterthought,
The marking of moist loam,
The Raptor’s distraction,
The Owl’s warning.
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Boneflower Saga: The Latest Fashion :iconseadog-driftwood:seadog-driftwood 8 1 Hm, That's Interesting- Wait, Non sequitor! :iconseadog-driftwood:seadog-driftwood 1 0 Hm, That's Interesting! :iconseadog-driftwood:seadog-driftwood 1 0
Boneflower Saga - At the Eurotas
"The ancient Laconians once said, to appreciate their best soup, one had to bathe in the Goodturn River. Well, were here, we might as well try it."
He dipped his toe in, then instantly pulled it back. "COLD! It's icy!"
"Still want to take a bath in it?"
Sceya shivered. "I have to. To honour the ancients, I must!" He put his toe in again, and, screwing his face up in discomfort, edged another toe in, and another, and another.
"Any day now, Sceya."
"I can't just jump in, Boney! It's an inherited condition: everyone in my family on my mother's side got into cold water slowly." By now, all his right toes here in the gelid water.
Another eternity passed. Boneflower checked on Sceya's progress. A foot. Just one foot. Bugger this.
She shoved him into the stream.
"Aaaaaaah! Coldcoldcoldcoldcold! Coldcoldcold! Cold cold cold!"
"Ah, ge'-r out of it, I got splashed, it ain't that bad."
"Really," he snarled. "Here!" He launched himself towards her, arms stretched before
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Plesiadapis Transformation :iconseadog-driftwood:seadog-driftwood 51 11
Boneflower Saga: Addendum: Sceya II is an Arsehole
Nearly halfway through his duties, the rat decided now was as good a time as any to take a breather. He pushed the cart laden with cleaning supplies to the side of the hallway and leaned against the wall. He scratched the base of his ear and, breathing deeply, let a smile open across his face. He might not make enough to afford a room for the night, but he figured working in those rooms was almost as good, certainly the best he could expect in this lifetime.
"Excuse me."
The rat turned his head, in no particular hurry, to face the voice, which didn't sound like it deserved to be excused at all. It belonged to a short, bespectacled stoat, sporting a chocolate-brown mop of hair and a grumpy scowl.
"Yes, sir?"
The stoat regarded him over his glasses. "I was told this was a first-class, five-star establishment. Is that true?"
The answer was already embedded in the tone of the question, but the rat had been trained to deal with this kind of guest. "Yes, sir."
"Really! You certainly seem sur
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A Silent Sound
In Syria, a silent sound
in silence echoes still -
An age-old echo from the ground
in silence echoes still -
A still, small voice from out the mound
in silence echoes still -
It seeks to speak! - no voice is found.
The silence echoes still.
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How Now, Madame
How now, madame! The camel's back is broken.
Such hatred spoken-
Such hatred, spoke by one who seemed so pure!
You've gone too far!
The poet's ire's awoken!
The poet's ire's awoken!
I won't be called a dirty saboteur!
I put in so much effort,
Such hours and days of effort,
Such weeks and months of effort,
All toward a common goal.
Now you would brew a rancid batch of falsehoods?
So might the Lord show mercy on your soul!
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Tammy the Stuffed Otter
Tammy was lonely. With her parents away on business trips most of the time, her only company was her sister - her very eccentric, outcast-by-choice sister, her Goth sister who'd lock herself in her room for hours on end, a room perpetually off-limits to Tammy, as the sign "Enter and die" on the black door made crystal clear - and that was no company at all.
The only company the 6-year-old really had was a gift from her parents for her third birthday. It wasn't much, just a cheaply-made, overstuffed (and probably overpriced) plush otter. Whoever had made it, they'd made no effort to hide the seams, and even less effort to hide the stitching: a dotted line ran down either side of the entire length of its foot-and-a-half long body, from snout to tail-tip, a slipshod attempt to join creamy-furred underside to brown-furred top, interrupted only by the limbs, which seemed to have only been added as an afterthought. The makers had at least included claws, but in an Ed Wood-like irony, they'd
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This is the Life
(June 28, 2011, 1:30 p.m.)
Sitting in a broken-open cardboard box in my doorway,
my sandaled feet outside,
my torso and head inside,
leaning against the wooden door,
clad in my boxers,
eating mixed berries
and using my laptop,
the cool dryness inside
and the rainy humidity outside,
And as the sun
comes and goes
through the clouds,
I am content.
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Mature content
Boneflower Accepting the Assig :iconseadog-driftwood:seadog-driftwood 1 0
Maytime - a translation
May is here,  without fear,  spreading cheer  far and near;
Her return can make all creatures feel alright.
In the glade,  unafraid,  stand displayed  finely-made
Yellow flowerlets aglint amidst the light.
Through the grass they're already a-springing!
In the wold  ring untold,  manifold  voices bold;
It has never heard such lovely singing!
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Mature content
Penis Man and Helga :iconseadog-driftwood:seadog-driftwood 1 1
Final Visit to Dovercourt
Here again at Dovercourt,
hungry, thirsty, tired,
Hopefully the stay is short -
woozy, tweaking, wired.
Carpet cleaners, hurry, please,
itching, scratching, mired
in itchiness brought on by fleas -
wishing I'd expired!
Knick-knacks piled everywhere,
papers undesired,
Flies perch on a teddy bear,
bread sits mould-attired,
Stinking dishes piled high,
cleaning unrequired -
While gentle phrases grace the sty,
their words go unadmired.
:iconseadog-driftwood:seadog-driftwood 1 0
End of a Romance
Here we are at the end of all,
Here before us the precipitous fall
Of all pretences, and all the veils
We hide inside when all our honesty fails
To overcome our empathy,
Our "How would I say that to me?"
Enough, my dear, of this charade -
Bluntly speak the truth, by God!
I can see - it is crystal clear,
"Us" and 'We" are words of yesterday's ear.
But let me ask you, before we part,
If, once, you loved me with a bit of your heart,
Or was it out of pity kind
You sat by me and didn't mind
To hear me ramble and to fawn
Upon your features, dusk 'til dawn?
Was I even a smidgen right,
Thinking we could sleep together one night,
And share a bed and just cuddle close -
Does such a fantasy seem that otiose?
You needn't give an answer now:
First think it over, figure how
To word it best, and then respond:
Adieu, cherie de tout le monde!
:iconseadog-driftwood:seadog-driftwood 1 0


I Speak! :iconlevvvar:Levvvar 37 37 Melted into a soda :iconicudhara:ICUdhara 64 10
Mature content
Almost Gone :iconmelt-liquify:melt-liquify 54 11
Vaccum :iconjulysaz:julysaz 16 2 Bloat the Stoat (sketch) :iconroundrat:Roundrat 4 2
Bloat the Stoat
On a Friday at midnight, the local pizza parlor had long finished hosting its weekly pizza party. The pizzas, cheese sticks, hot wings, and softdrinks all being sold at a reduced price. The good deals were adored by the whole suburb, who were more than happy to pick their kids up from school and enjoy a nice piping hot pizza with a movie alongside it. At this late hour however, one stoat made sure not to miss out on the sauce dripping cheese laden festival.
His name was Bloat, or so had he been named by his owner. Once a simple stoat living in the English countryside with his kin, he was unexpectedly captured by some tourist and shipped off to the states as a gift. Terrified at first, his new owner treated him with love, care, and the most delicious, succulent, and decadent foods he had ever tasted. Naturally rabbit was a strong part of his diet, but just the slightest taste of a cheeto, or glazing of a dipping sauce over his tongue, and he was completely converted. It began wi
:iconcollinfatrat:CollinFatRat 22 2
Bloat the Stoat :iconroundrat:Roundrat 4 1
Mature content
Mouse10 :iconfauxex:fauxex 14 0
Mature content
Mouse9 :iconfauxex:fauxex 15 0
Mature content
Mouse8 :iconfauxex:fauxex 15 0
Mature content
Mouse7 :iconfauxex:fauxex 15 0
Mature content
Mouse6 :iconfauxex:fauxex 14 0
Mature content
Mouse5 :iconfauxex:fauxex 13 0
Mature content
Mouse4 :iconfauxex:fauxex 17 0
Mature content
Mouse3 :iconfauxex:fauxex 16 0
Mature content
Mouse2 :iconfauxex:fauxex 16 0


Not me — I'm alright as is — but :iconcalvinandhobbespwns:, who has been… well, I'll let his words speak for me. Suffice it to say, he and his kin are in very dire straits.

I hate to have to post this here, I know this is basically just begging for money, but begging is my only option right now. I'll explain the situation the same way I explained it in the link:

We are a family of four, and we have just been unjustly evicted from our house. We are living in a hotel room currently, but we are living there on borrowed time; at the end of November, the hotel's policy on letting people stay will end, and if we do not have a real home to live in by that time, we will be forced to live out on the streets. The goal of $50,000 here is arbitrary; I have no idea where we may be living or how much it may cost, so any money at all you can send to us will be of help, even beyond the goal. We need a house that can fit a mother and three kids, plus five cats; even if it's cheap and old, we need somewhere to stay. Thank you in advance to anyone who may see this and decide to donate, and please keep us in your thoughts.

Please, anyone at all who has even a tiny bit of money to donate, consider donating, even if it's barely anything. Please tell anyone you can about this; because if this campaign doesn't work, it's over for our family. 


C. D. Goranson
Katusagos Dhg^homworh2gosuHnus h1esmi. Wesus tewei!
(Battle-wary/-seeking/-knowing Earth-worker's-son am-I. Noble-goodness thee-to!)
(I'm C. Goranson. All the best to you, viewer!)

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Skin of choice: O.o Um, my own skin is FINE, thank you... geez, all these people wanting to flay me...
Favourite cartoon character: Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes. Or Grace from El Goonish Shive


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